Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just wanted to let you all know that we had Josie's yearly cardiology check up was good news!

Here's the low down:
-she still has a hole(VSD) and a very loud murmur, and it hasn't changed since last year.
-in 90% of cases with kids born with this, the hole will close on its own by age one.
-since her's hasn't yet, it probably won't.
-the left side of her heart is still bigger than the right, but hasn't grown any larger since last year.
-there isn't any damage to her aortic valve, which they've been watching
-since she's growing well and doesn't have any symptoms, we just need to recheck in 2 years.
-will she ever need surgery? hopefully not.

So for now, we're grateful that she's healthy and that such a small hole put her on a list where we could find her.
Plus, I really think Jesus filled that hole for her already:)

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Julie and Dean said...

GOOD NEWS! So glad to read this update :)