Saturday, September 20, 2008

Did you notice anything new in the header?....that's right, we've switched our journey to China. I think all along we knew that's where she was, our little girl, so the past year was just part of our story to find her. What have we been up to these past few weeks? Well, since everything in our paperwork blizzard is a year old, we've had to start from square one. We have new birth certificates, marriage certificate, physicals(and China requires bloodwork), police clearances, employment letters, and oh yes, the home study. So at this point, we have 11 documents on their way to be authenticated and we are just waiting for our home study update to be completed and our immigration approval. I'm told we can just apply for a 'change of country' through immigration which would be a shorter approval time then if we have to completely re-apply. Anyway, I'm hoping that by the end of October this mountain of paperwork will be off to China. Oh yeah, and of course, we had to find a new agency, so after a few phone calls it was really clear which one was for us.

I'll keep you all updated....we're hoping to see our little girl's face by the end of the year:)