Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's in a Name?

Just for some laughs, here is a list of names for little sis that I received from my daughters: Josey, Aainna, Deney (Denee), Lacy, Ruby, Nema, Amerea (Anna Maria), Sprena (Sabrina), Kairna, Jewl, Marla, Bella, Amy, Zoey, Jesca (Jessica), Elesbith (Elizabeth). I won't tell you which one I picked, you'll just have to wait until we get home:)

Home Study

We had our home study yesterday and it was basically a lot of hype for a tour of our home and a question and answer session. She talked to us a lot about bonding issues our daughter will have at the beginning since we will obviously feel bonded to her already and she will have no idea who we are and why we are taking her out of her routine. She even gave us a sheet titled 'Why Grandma can't hold the baby' so if our family doesn't believe us, we can give it to them:) With that part out of the way, we should have our home study completed by mid September and then we submit it to the US Citizenship and Immigration Department who will issue the 'magical' form to let us know we are approved to bring home a baby. So just a little more paperwork for now and then we wait.....and as one of my friends pointed out, it is a lot of paperwork, but at least I won't have hemorrhoids(thanks):)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What can Brown do for you?

I got to school today and was told that Charlie went around yesterday telling 'everyone' our news. She had quite a lengthy discussion about it with one of my friends while waiting in car line.
I wish I could remember the entire converstaion but this is the best paraphrase....
Char-'My mom is getting a baby'
Teacher-'Really, is she pregnant?'
Char- 'No, you don't even have to get fat to have a baby anymore'
T-' then how is she getting the baby?'
Char-'they are going to give her one in the mail'
C-'yes, the UPS man is bringing us one'
T-'he is?'
C-'Yes, he is bringing it from China'
T-'who is taking care of the baby now?'
C-'well, you know how they take care of your mail, they can take care of babies, too'
And apparently, as she was getting into the car, she said 'remember, you don't have to get fat to get a baby, just get one from UPS'

So now the joke around school is, 'What can Brown do for you?'

Monday, August 27, 2007

Paperwork Stinks!

As I have told many of you, the amount of paperwork required for this, I'm sure, caused the demolition of a small forest. Where was all the paperwork and the questions from social workers the last three times?....HA, no where, that's where. Although, with some of the parents I've seen, there should have definitely been a social worker stopping them right at their bedroom door:)


So I have to admit that it really took me awhile to let the reality of our adoption sink in....I definitely hadn't let my head connect with my heart at all. I was afraid if I really sat and thought about all the ways God has moved in our lives, I would be totally overwhelmed....and I am. It is definitely overwhelming to think that literally half way around the world, my daughter could be born, or almost born, and living I have no idea where.....I am overwhelmed at the thought that she probably isn't getting even half the attention that my other three did as infants, I am in constant prayer for her and her caregivers until we get there.....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our blog title

Earlier this year, actually I remember exactly what day it was, on our 12th anniversary, January 21st, we were invited to a fundraiser by some good friends of ours. They were raising support for a new orphanage in China. Steven Curtis Chapman was there and shared that he, too, had three biological children and used to joke that he had Eeny, Meeny, Miny and didn't need no Moe. Anyway, I thought it was really funny, and just like his family changed, ours is too!

Where to start....

Ok, so I've been asked when and how Joe and I started to think about adoption....and I guess it really started at the beginning of our marriage. We always said we would love to adopt if we were ever 'rich' enough. And, honestly, at that time we were strictly speaking of money. Over the past 12 1/2 years of marriage, God has shown us over and over again that our 'success' in His eyes has little to do with what is in our bank accounts or how much room we have in our home.
After having three wonderful, amazing biological children, we thought our family was complete. And to back up a few years before that, after having a son and a daughter, I guess we felt our family may have been complete back then, too. But, thankfully, God has better plans for us than we could ever imagine and we have been blessed with a son and two daughters, so far.
So about two years ago, I started to feel as though adoption was really supposed to be part of our family's plan, but Joe thought I was a little crazy.
After much prayer, many 'family meetings', research, and a trip to China, we decided as a family that we are more than 'rich' enough in all the areas that really matter. So we have begun our journey to the newest member of our family....a baby girl in Viet nam.